Albula & Bernina

The Rhaetian & Bernina Railways: masterpieces of railway construction

The Alpine region comprising Albula and Bernina is breathtakingly beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that its a good thing that the train that carries you through the heart of the Alps is one of the worlds slowest express trains, moving at speeds of only 40 km/hr in some sections.


More than a century ago, in the era of the great railway expansion, Swiss engineers forged a route over, under and through the mountains using switchbacks, loop tunnels, and viaducts. The large windows of these masterworks of engineering make for unobstructed views of the unique landscape along the 128-km route. The spectacular trip from Tirano to Thusis two towns with an altitude difference of 1,000 metres passes through 55 tunnels and across 196 bridges. Since 1904, the Albula Railway has connected Thusis with St. Moritz; at that time, the trains were still steam operated. When the Bernina Railway, which runs from chic St. Moritz to Tirano in Italy, opened in 1910, it was built to run on electricity. Even today, these masterpieces of modern transportation architecture combine the technical allure of the last century with the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps.


The unparalleled insights and outlooks afforded by this UNESCO World Heritage Site form either a triumphant finale or dramatic kick-off to the Venice South Tyrol St. Moritz Tour.


Our Tips

  • Maluns, Capuns and Salsiz are the heart of the Grisons cuisine and well worth a visit.
  • In August, we highly recommend a detour to Sils for the art and literature festival.
  • The new Railway Museum in Bergn and the Museum of Photography in Filisur provides the visitor with insights into the construction and operation of the Albula Railway.


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