Biosfera - Val Müstair

Experience Mother Nature at her most pristine – as she was when mammoths roamed the earth.


In addition to art and culture, one can also observe the complex processes of nature in the Müstair Valley. The valley forms part of a UNESCO biosphere reserve and contains precious natural resources within its strictly protected core zone – an invitation to explore its well-marked hiking trails. The Swiss National Park has pursued three main objectives since 1914: nature conservation, research and information. The result is a fourth objective: modelling applied nature conservation to visitors by setting up the whole reserve as an outdoor museum. This allows nature to develop in an unrestrained way: visitors may not stray from the marked paths, light a fire, spend the night, remove anything, hunt animals, and cut down trees or grasses. Over the long term, this land should return to the state that previously existed here before the arrival of man around 5,000 years ago.


Our Tips

  • Switzerland’s last great hand-weaving mill is located in St. Maria. Here, hand-woven treasures are produced on 18 looms.



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