History and taste: Chiavenna

Chiavenna can be reached by train or bus, both from Colico. It is the crossroads between Italy and Switzerland and is a pedestrian centre in the old town near to the train station, where you can stroll whilst admiring the beautiful sights, like the impressive bridge over the river Mera. Dont miss tasting some local dishes and a visit to one of the crotti (typical caves used for food storage). Val Bregaglia has many cultural and natural trails and joins Italy to the Maloja pass (CH) by post-bus. During summer, Chiavenna can also be reached across the Spluga pass.



Consorzio turistico Valchiavenna

Piazza Caduti per la libertà

I - 23022 Chiavenna (SO)

T +39 0343 374 85

F +39 0343 373 61