The Botanical Garden of Padua is the oldest botanical garden in the world.


One of Italys oldest cities is home to the oldest botanical garden in the world. The scholars of the University of Padua, Galileo Galilei among them, were already examining the interaction between medicine and nature way back in 1545. The facility has been preserved right up to the present day in its characteristic setting: the main focal point is a round, central square surrounded by water. UNESCO declared the Botanical Garden of Padua a World Heritage Site in 1997.


After visiting Paduas main sites around the Basilica of St. Anthony and Palazzo della Ragione, there are some hidden beauties worth seeking out: Giotto's fresco cycle in Scrovegni Chapel and the mythic Caf Pedrocchi, a former den of intellectuals and rebels the walls of which would surely have much to say if they, indeed, could speak.


Our Tips 

  • In June, the diverse events of the Portello River Festival bring together tradition and modernity. 

  • In summer, city nightlife takes place on the banks of the Piovego River. All you have to do is show up, and a good time is guaranteed.  

  • A collection unique in the world: the magic lanterns and projection windows of the Minici Zotti Collection (Museum of Precinema) chronicles the world before fill existed.



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