South Tyrol's regional capital of Bolzano is located amidst uniquely scenic landscapes in the South Alps, in the north of Italy. The view to the east stops at the Dolomites while to the south it encompasses the castle paradise of the beretsch region; to the west lie the fairytale larch-covered hills of the Tschgglberg, and to the north the untouched Sarn Valley. In the city itself, quaint restaurants offer the best of Italian and Austrian culinary tradition. Boutiques line the roads as do the markets and gourmet shops that Bolzano is famous for. Whether on a shopping trip in town or a hiking excursion in the nearby hills, culture is but a step away.


Actually, Bolzano might as well be called tzi Town. Year after year, some 300,000 visitors queue up at the Archeological Museum to see the 5,400-year-old glacier mummy. In 1991, the eternal ice freed up the Stone Age man together with his sparse, intact belongings, even forcing archeologists to revise a few books of history.

The Museum of Nature is a magnet for children. It tells the awesome story of how the world-famous Dolomite Mountains arose from the sea over the course of millions of years. For this reason, it also houses one of Europe's largest aquariums.

The Municipal Museum offers an eclectic mixture of art and local tradition. Valuable treasures from around the country were reunited here by an important collector on behalf of the Italian government. The Museion, on the other hand, is dedicated to highlighting trends in contemporary art.

The MMM, the Messner Mountain Museum founded by the "master of the eight-thousanders", Reinhold Messner, is housed at Sigmundskron Castle, a fortress at the outskirts of the city. The School Museum is a small gem that allows one to experience the hard school benches of days gone by. And the Mercantile Museum gives insight into the activities of past eras when Bolzano was an important trade hub for spices and textiles.

Other sightseeing recommendations: a visit to Runkelstein Castle with free shuttle service from Waltherplatz to the castle, or to the Museum of Natural Science.



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