Val Venosta / Vinschgau

The Val Venosta valley systems boast two striking landmarks: King Ortles/Ortler, at 3,905 metres (12,812 ft) altitude, the highest mountain in South Tyrol and indeed of the entire Eastern Alps, and the church steeple protruding from the surface of Lake of Resia/Reschen.


Orchards fill the broad floor of the central valley with vineyards occupying the south-facing mountainside, while at medium altitude apricots, strawberries and, even higher, vegetables are cultivated.


Centuries-old pathways beside irrigation channels, Alpine and mountain bike trails wind across the diverse cultivated landscape, dotted with small Romanesque churches, medieval castles and monasteries.

The Vinschger, as the valley inhabitants are called, are highly regarded for their creativity and imagination. It is no coincidence that most of South Tyrols artists and architects come from the western half of the region.



Tourist information Val Venosta/Vinschgau
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Contura 01/2013

Vinschgau: Paradise on the other side of the buffers