Val Camonica

UNESCO Val Camonica Brescia

Between Tirano and Brescia, there are some beautiful stops: the Val Camonica, with its prehistoric cave paintings, charming Lake Iseo with its pedestrian-only island of Monte Isola and the Franciacorta area, where sparkling wines are made. The route from Tirano down to Brescia entered into the modern train-and-bus age only recently. Since there is no tunnel between Val Camonica and Valtellina, the dilapidated bus line has been ramped up for this short section over the Aprica Pass (1,176 m), with guaranteed connections over the pass four times a day. Once youve reached Edolo in Val Camonica, there are trains every half hour. This represents quite a sudden jump in accessibility from Venice and Milan for the Engadine Valley. The new connection calls attention to a forgotten valley that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.




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