Our tour starts in romantic Venice the city of countless bridges and canals. It doesnt take long to walk through this small city, located on a lagoon, but really experiencing its true beauty is something that takes a bit of time. You can enjoy a picture-perfect twilight on one of 118 islands, clamber into one of Venices many gondolas, and let a gondolier chauffer you to Piazza San Marco and the Doge's Palace. Together with its 550-km lagoon, Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This former centre of international trade is as dreamlike today as it always has been. The best time to experience the citys magical atmosphere is at night, when day-trippers have left Venice and the canal under the Rialto Bridge is still. Venices Santa Lucia Station, located on the Grand Canal, is the best starting point for a tour.


Insiders Tip: In the winter months, it is only the citys inhabitants and a very few tourists that stroll alongside the canals.  You wont regret it if you plan to take your Venice South Tyrol St. Moritz Tour during the off-season.


Our Tips

  • In February, Venice is awash in intoxicating colours. At the Carnival of Venice, locals and tourists gather in the piazzas in droves: an immense and unforgettable parade of masks.
  • During the Venice Biennale, this cosmopolitan city showcases the latest in dance, architecture and film.
  • Every first Sunday in September, the Venetian gondoliers jockey for fame and glory at the historical Regatta Storica.
  • Relax with a Spritz cocktail known everywhere else as a Veneziano at one of the trattorias on Torcello Island and keep an eye on the goings on at the lagoon.


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Seven in one go: from St. Moritz to Venice