The fourth stop on our itinerary takes you to the scene of the most famous love story in world literature: Verona.

A literary approach to this city on the Adige River is well worth it.  While visiting Verona, its hard not to give in to the allure of William Shakespeares masterpiece. All roads seem to lead inadvertently to Juliet's balcony, underneath which Romeos poetic words still linger in the air. The road leading into town from Veronas Porta Nuova Station passes through the Romanesque, the Middle Ages, the Gothic and the Renaissance culminating at the Verona Arena, a masterpiece of Roman architecture. On balmy summer nights, the performances of Aida, Tosca and Don Giovanni that fill Verona Arena with song are reason enough to spend a night in town. If you want to explore some territory less travelled in the Old Town, the mysterious, picturesque alleyways around Via Sottoriva are a great place for a stroll off the beaten track.


Our Tips 

  • Beginning in mid-April, Veronas piazzas are brimming with regional products; the Piazza dei Sapori event is a celebration of traditions and cuisine that have nearly been forgotten. 

  • The citys best birds-eye view is from Madonna of Lourdes Church, atop a hill above Verona. 

  • The Strada del Riso (Road of Rice) is a good way to connect culture and cuisine and to better understand the identity of the Po Valley. The area, located south of Verona, boasts a number of villas, castles and residences. 

  • The quintessential way of touring an Italian city on a Vespa makes for a very unique experience.



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