Magnificent Palladian villas have been one of the defining features of the city of Vicenza.


It was the great architect Andrea Palladio (15081580) who shaped this city in the Euganean Hills. Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was taken with the master of architecture in the autumn of 1786: following in the footsteps of his Italian Journey, a chronicle of his trip here, is a delight for any fan of literature. UNESCO declared the City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto a World Heritage Site in 1994.


The Bisazza Foundation in Montecchio Maggiore, a new cultural space dedicated to contemporary design and architecture, has 6,000 m2 of exhibition space for works by international artists. Bordering the road to Montecchio Maggiore, youll find a number of villas that represent real architectural gems.


Our Tips

  • Gustus Itineris takes place in the Old Town every last weekend of October: this event is a chance for producers to present their wines and for wine enthusiasts to enjoy them.
  • A must for anyone in good physical fitness: climb the 4,444 steps of the worlds longest staircase, which leads from Val Frenzela to the Asiago Plateau.
  • A must for foodies: dont miss out on local specialties like baccal (salt cod), bigoli (a type of pasta), and sopressa (a type of salami).



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